Friday, 14 June 2013

Karen writes: Taking inspiration where you find it

I'm learning how to participate in social networking...being dragged slowly...not quite kicking and screaming...into a world where you get caught up in what can sometimes seem like a maelstrom of snippets and snatches of other peoples lives depending on what online thingys you join. Facebook is the case in point, I joined Moonjoggers, now I find my world intersecting with that of all sorts of cool people.  I watch as members achieve things of significance to them, shock horror, I feel constrained to hit that 'like' button which I have never before really understood, and sometimes I comment on the lives and activities of people I don't know, people who may live on the other side of the world, some who are asleep while I'm running and running while I'm asleep...and I'm really enjoying it.

Sometimes I need to slow the mass of information, I do that by not staying logged in, but this is to me a whole new experience of socialising, about being a social animal without stirring from in front of my computer.  At least...I least this group balances the time on the sit-upon with the desire to encourage each other run further and further and further. Anyway, sudden access to so many lovely inspiring stories, so many cool cartoons, so many glorious pictures and uplifting stories and heartwarming messages of support and encouragement, it's all quite exhausting actually, too tired to go for a run now.  Not.

I ran last night.  Down to Te Puru in the dark and light rain, saying hello to the fat piebald bunny grazing in the sheep paddock at Omana. 50 sweaty minutes of spin, which incidentally was a whole lot easier than last week, and 4km run back home again...still raining.  On the way home I paused on the Te Puru bridge heading into Omana park, there was a big yellow and black sign saying "park closed".  I thought I had better read the small print before just going straight past it.  It said "park closed from 9pm to 5pm for shooting".  Oh, Ok, it was well before 9pm so I kept going, but when I saw my wary rabbit friend I said a tentative goodbye, while crossing my fingers that I would see him again, that the shooters would focus on pesky possums (sorry Australians, I know you like your possums) rather than the rather obvious target of a big white bottomed bunny.

I've just got the half marathon distance on Sunday, a couple of 5-8km runs next week then on Friday will be collecting excited girls from school for an evening flight to Wellington for our running inspired weekend.  Wonder if there is anywhere down there selling fig and honey icecream since that is my newest favourite race food? The official description from the Kapiti people is "large dried figs enrobed in smooth Manuka honey ice cream."  Mmm, perfect. People ask why, why do you run?  Do I really need to answer that?