Friday, 8 February 2013

Karen writes: Wandering on the bike

Well, wandering with a purpose, but it was still wandering, out towards Kawakawa bay where the cars with boat trailers play dodgems, to Takanini where the trucks and trailer units rock along the roads, and everywhere in between where motorists must have taken silly pills today.  I was brushed by dried palm fronds overhanging a trailer as it raced past, I stared with my mouth open as the woman in the white 4WD moved into my lane and overtook directly towards me, I swore with great inventiveness (when my heartrate slowed enough to allow me to find my voice) when the free end of a tiedown strap with a metal hook on it swung behind a boat on a trailer like a lethal scythe back and forth just missing me.

I did get to do a memorial lap of Ardmore airport as a private farewell to broadcaster Paul Holmes, actually Sir Paul Holmes, who was having his funeral in Parnell today, he was a big contributor to how me and many of my contemporaries viewed the world for years, I wonder if he ever knew how many managers used the "how would it be on the Holmes show?" as a crucial yardstick to make business decisions.  There is nothing on the current scene that can elicit quite the same response..."how would it look on 7 Sharp", RIP Sir Paul.

So the last real 'long' ride got done, a mere 5 hours 15 on the road, I mucked up the run-off-bike afterwards though by stopping and talking to the neighbour. Didn't do that well with the nutrition either, ran out of energy with 20km to go and couldn't be bothered sticking to my plan.  Not smart.

Its 21 days, 11 hours, 4 minutes and 22 seconds to go according to the Ironman website.