Monday, 4 February 2013

Kate writes: the tale of new goggles

I was at camp a few weeks ago and someone said their goggles were old after 4 months, well mine were a lot older than that so I thought I better get a new pair for Ironman. I was at Kohi beach on Thursday for the summer swim series and there is a Blue Seventy van selling wetsuits and goggles so I went and had a chat with them. We settled on a new white pair of goggles very similar to my old pair so off I went for a swim. Now it was a bit windy and choppy in the water so I decided not to race but have a little swim around the flags. The problem was that the goggles did not work and just leaked. So off back to the Blue Seventy van, how was that said the man, dreadful I said they leaked. That's no good he said, let's swap them. So after 4 different tries I found a pair that sucked to my face. Yippee I was all set. I got $5 back as they were a cheaper model. Excellent service from the boys at Blue Seventy.

I used the goggles the next day at swimming and they were great. Sunday I had a river swim! Well when I got in the RB to cross the river I had my hat and goggles in my hand. The boys, naughty ones, were in the boat with me and they all started moving forward and the next thing I knew was the whole boat was under water, I thought we were going to sink and dropped the goggles and hat and that was the last I saw of my new goggles. Nobody told me that the RB can not sink!

Next week I'm back to kohi beach for another pair of goggles. :)